September Kiss – #writephoto


Come lay with me awhile, wrapped up in morning’s mist,

Rested on the grass until dew-drenched and sun-kissed,

We’ll watch the haze a-lifting until blue skies overwhelm,

Clear heavens o’er vacant fields make up our peaceful realm,

Reclining in the growing warmth of Indian summer’s hold,

We drink in scenes of splendour dressed in blues and greens and gold,

Our hands are intertwined, my head rests on your chest,

Your silver eyes are sparkling and your earnest love professed,

You bring your lips to mine coaxing smiles across my face,

And in a sublime rapture, we share deep love’s embrace.

Breathlessly contented, on the gilded hay we sprawl,

Bathing in the sunshine until shadows start to fall,

Etched upon my memory this perfect day of bliss,

Such satisfying emptiness; our sweet September kiss.

Emma H, age 26, 28/03/2017

This poem was written in response to this week’s Empty #writephoto prompt by Sue Vincent. Such a stunning photo, so it’s difficult to do it justice!

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