Transformation – A Tanka


The emerging sun

Transforms our puddle-soaked roads

To molten silver;

Gleaming, dazzling rivers flow

Through the weatherworn city.


Emma H, age 26, 18/08/2017

Hi all, I have returned from my overseas adventures! After a week of glorious Spanish sunshine and temperatures in the mid-30s, I was welcomed back to the UK by thick black clouds, an almighty deluge and a bumpy plane landing! In homage to the beautiful British weather, I felt it appropriate for my blogging return to be rain-related. Here’s hoping for some brighter and crisper autumn days to come!


Lightshow Spectacular

lightshow spectacular


Thick and sticky air

Glued to dewy skin

A curtain of humidity

Cumulonimbus descending

The skyline hangs low

Beneath weighty clouds

Undulating charcoal gloom

Rolling and broiling

Turbulent heavens

Building electric anticipation

Precipitous cloudbursts

Apocalyptic deluge

Raindrops plummeting

Scene-drenching effects

Jagged oscillations

Weave through charged raindrops

Sparking pulses zigzag

Across a black backdrop

Retinas blasted

By blazing illuminations

Skies strobing

In a cosmic rave

Cataclysmic timpani

Orchestrating a symphony

Dramatic crescendo

Of bass and percussion

Reverberating cannonade

Bombarding eardrums


Lightshow spectacular

Meteorological theatre

Striking fear

Dazzling audiences

To thunderous applause


Emma H, age 26, 19/07/2017


It’s been quite a stormy summer, by British standards at least. The biggest in mid-July lasted most of the night, with over 150,000 lightning strikes recorded over 12 hours ( – it was quite a spectacle to behold! Unsurprisingly, I felt compelled to write about it the next day 🙂

The photo is unfortunately from a separate storm, back in 2014, although also very dramatic!