Overnight – Double Tanka


Woken with a fright –

Sky-shattering explosion

Rocks the pitch black night;

Raging rainstorm overhead

Pummelling the helpless earth.


The morning after,

The saturated land sighs,

Breathes gossamer mists

Veiling periwinkle skies,

As sleepless commuters rise.


Emma H, age 26, 23/08/2017

Sahara Sky – A Tanka

sahara sky 2.png

Tinged terracotta

Otherworldly sand-swept skies

Tint the sun burnt red;

The real world sepia-stained

Like an aged photograph.

Emma H, age 26, 16/10/2017


Another tanka about the meteorological phenomenon of Storm Ophelia back in October. Unfortunately the photo from my phone does not truly portray the eerie yellow-brown darkness of the sky that day, nor the unusual redness of the sun!


Ophelia – A Tanka



Rich shades of autumn,

Copper-coloured foliage,

Orange and deep gold,

Reflected in storm-swirled skies;

Nature’s wonders never cease.


Emma H, age 26, 16/10/2017


My photo does not do justice to yesterday’s eerie, apocalyptic weather – it was reminiscent of scenes from Mad Max or Star Wars. An eye-catching celestial phenomenon was created as ex-hurricane Ophelia’s winds dragged desert sands and forest fire particles up into the atmosphere over Britain. Nature never ceases to amaze me.