Ophelia – A Tanka



Rich shades of autumn,

Copper-coloured foliage,

Orange and deep gold,

Reflected in storm-swirled skies;

Nature’s wonders never cease.


Emma H, age 26, 16/10/2017


My photo does not do justice to yesterday’s eerie, apocalyptic weather – it was reminiscent of scenes from Mad Max or Star Wars. An eye-catching celestial phenomenon was created as ex-hurricane Ophelia’s winds dragged desert sands and forest fire particles up into the atmosphere over Britain. Nature never ceases to amaze me.


Lightshow Spectacular

lightshow spectacular


Thick and sticky air

Glued to dewy skin

A curtain of humidity

Cumulonimbus descending

The skyline hangs low

Beneath weighty clouds

Undulating charcoal gloom

Rolling and broiling

Turbulent heavens

Building electric anticipation

Precipitous cloudbursts

Apocalyptic deluge

Raindrops plummeting

Scene-drenching effects

Jagged oscillations

Weave through charged raindrops

Sparking pulses zigzag

Across a black backdrop

Retinas blasted

By blazing illuminations

Skies strobing

In a cosmic rave

Cataclysmic timpani

Orchestrating a symphony

Dramatic crescendo

Of bass and percussion

Reverberating cannonade

Bombarding eardrums


Lightshow spectacular

Meteorological theatre

Striking fear

Dazzling audiences

To thunderous applause


Emma H, age 26, 19/07/2017


It’s been quite a stormy summer, by British standards at least. The biggest in mid-July lasted most of the night, with over 150,000 lightning strikes recorded over 12 hours (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40653713) – it was quite a spectacle to behold! Unsurprisingly, I felt compelled to write about it the next day 🙂

The photo is unfortunately from a separate storm, back in 2014, although also very dramatic!