Frostbitten – Tanka



Sharp icicle teeth

Bite and tear at fragile blooms,

Death stalks the garden.

Plants succumb to icy barbs

As frozen petals harden.


Glist’ning ‘neath the frost,

Dressed in glittered finery,

Flowers splendid still;

For all the death Winter brings,

Beauty reigns despite the chill.


Emma H, age 26, 14/11/2017

January Sunset

The soft sunset sky

Boasts a spectacular spectrum,

Flushed with toasty shades of burnt orange

And juicy mandarin,

To the delicate tastes of lemon and lime,

Blending into feathery lavender

And multi-hued azure,

Spreading to star-speckled sapphire

And deepest velvety indigo,

All flecked with the blazing coral

Of airplanes and their trails;

Beneath it all,

A disc of burnished gold

Hovers on the horizon,

Before succumbing to slumber.


Emma H, age 26, 31/01/2017