I open up my little brain

To rummage for ideas,

But all the shelves are empty:

It’s the worst of writers’ fears!

There are cobwebs in the corners,

And balls of tumbleweed,

But simply no creative thoughts –

The one thing that I need!

Inventiveness depleted,

My cupboards are just bare;

It’s such a disappointment

There’s no stories left to share.

So maybe if I wait awhile

My larder will restock,

My imagination bursting

To dispel my writer’s block!

Emma H, age 26, 16/11/2017



My Muse


Why is it that I find my muse

In heartbreak, grief and sadder news?

In melancholic reflection,

In festering fears and rejection?

Perhaps because I’ve naught to lose

In poems that reveal my blues,

And at my deepest, darkest lows

I find relief in rhyme and prose;

Cathartic creativity

Releases pain and sets me free.


Emma Hyde, age 26, 04/01/2017

I wrote this one after my boyfriend remarked that many of my poems have a similar sad or “depressing” theme… But I think that poetry is a great outlet for those kinds of emotions! And if they encourage emotional responses or empathy in the reader, then I feel I have succeeded as a poet 🙂

Defused – A Tanka

Brain locked and loaded,

I await an explosion

Of thoughts and ideas

Blasting onto blank paper…

But alas my wires are cut.


Emma H, age 26, 07/09/2017

This tanka is for Kiwinana’s Weekly Tanka Prompt – Week 61 – “Explosion” & “Blocked”. In my example, the word explosion is used literally but the blockage is just implied 😉 If you want to take part in the challenge, you can follow the link here:

Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 61 – Explosion & Blocked



I’m feeling uncreative,

My mind has drawn a blank,

The gears have ceased their grinding;

They need a thorough crank.


I cannot find my rhythm,

My wanton words don’t rhyme,

My stanzas are unruly,

I struggle with each line.


My vision has deserted me,

I’ve no imagination;

I’d try to write some verses

But I’ve lost my motivation.


I’m feeling uncreative,

Struck down by writer’s block,

Waiting for that day when

My next great idea will knock!


Emma H, age 26, 31/08/2017


via Daily Prompt: Rhyme

Dreams – #writephoto

wisp.pngAsh stared at the landscape, sapphire eyes glittered with wonder. The rising sun greeted the rocks with a caressing golden glow; the horizon was tinted candyfloss pink over the moss-green hills. In the azure sky, wisps of cloud were hung like cobwebs, as fleeting and fragile as one’s breath on an icy morning. In every direction the beauty was boundless. This was a place where man had yet to impose his borders and barriers on Mother Nature. And the air was crisp and clean and refreshing. Ash inhaled deeply.

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