Eerie – A Haiku




Wreathed in winter mists,

Enshrouded by cloudy haze,

Defiant moon shines.

Emma H, age 26, 03/11/2017

A View from the Hill

It’s been a long week, but we’re nearly there… Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! Today’s poem from back in February depicts a wintry late-afternoon panorama near my home, witnessed through a car windscreen.

In Emma World

Theatrical landscape

Cardboard cut-out scenery

Sketched silhouettes

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The Lookout – #writephoto


Colyn trudged over the rocky outcrop towards the Lookout, hands jammed in pockets and head bowed against the wailing coastal winds. The sea looked bleak and lifeless, mirroring the dull skies. Hardly a scintillating view to entertain him over the next few hours.

“About time too.”

The watchman on duty eyed Colyn as he entered the cold stone hut. Colyn shrugged.

“If you’re late again, I have no doubt the Commander will have something to say about it. Perhaps he’ll double your hours.”

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