Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! Today, I’m reposting the first poem I wrote as a response to the Daily Prompt, back in February. It depicts the way music and peaceful me-time can provide an escape to the boredom and stress of daily life. Oft needed, I must say! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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These walls are invisible,

A hideout of the mind,

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I’m feeling uncreative,

My mind has drawn a blank,

The gears have ceased their grinding;

They need a thorough crank.


I cannot find my rhythm,

My wanton words don’t rhyme,

My stanzas are unruly,

I struggle with each line.


My vision has deserted me,

I’ve no imagination;

I’d try to write some verses

But I’ve lost my motivation.


I’m feeling uncreative,

Struck down by writer’s block,

Waiting for that day when

My next great idea will knock!


Emma H, age 26, 31/08/2017


via Daily Prompt: Rhyme