Resistance – A Haiku




The last feeble leaves

Cling desperately to trees

Despite ruthless breeze

Emma H, age 26, 06/11/2017


Toy Box


Why treat me like some toy to play with when you’re bored,

Just to shut me in your toy box, abandoned and ignored?

No sparing any second thoughts, never your priority,

And when I knocked upon the walls you turned your key on me.

Maybe it was clingy to hang on you like that,

But you wouldn’t say a word when all I wanted was to chat,

Now we’re at the point where not a single word remains,

And I’m left feeling like my punctured heart is wrapped in chains,

Nursing open wounds, and choking back the grief;

Whilst I guess for you the break-up has just come as a relief.


When once upon a time, I lived in a blind bliss,

You were the only one I thought of and only one I missed,

I have to say I always thought that you cared more than this,

Now I have to face the fact we’ve long had our last kiss,

All the places where you held me were tainted with a mark,

And simply sliced me open when you left me in the dark,

Bleeding tears of mis’ry every night and every day,

Pleading, “Let me in again, there has to be a way”,

Endless hurt and heartache ‘cause I’ll never see your face;

Does it hurt you too or do you revel in your space?


I accept that it is hard to keep things going when apart,

As oceans rolled between us I still dived in with all my heart,

But I guess the distance ‘twixt us really was too big to cross,

And even when I’m closer I’ll still have to rue my loss,

I mean I gave you every reason to just give things a try,

You regret the things you don’t do so much more, and that’s no lie;

It seems that on this subject we do not see eye to eye,

You broke my gaze and broke my heart and now I’m left to cry,

Falling down upon the ground with no one there to catch me;

After time will you regret or are you happy that you’ve lost me?


After how you treated me I know I should feel sick

Of your rollercoaster rides, and roundabouts, and tricks,

You played with my heart like a boomerang you threw,

Knowing if you just ignored me that I’d come back to you,

Couldn’t make a decision; a choice was such a chore,

Tactless, rude and ignorant: a coward to the core,

Still yet to tell me why you suddenly changed your mind,

Still haven’t explained yourself, nor apologised, you’ll find.

So perhaps, to be rid of you I really should be glad,

But alas, I really fell for you, so all I feel is sad.


Because I just can’t shut out the memories I keep,

Bittersweet to think of but the feelings still run deep,

Of smiling and of laughing and of sharing all our thoughts,

(And although they were senseless, they were silly fun of course),

Of play-fighting and moments when I stared into your eyes –

Moments of perfect happiness to counteract the lies,

What I wouldn’t give to see your eyes and smile again,

But when I realise that I won’t, it only brings me pain,

Way back in those days, you were my comfort and my lover,

Until you turned your back on me and told me that it’s over.


Maybe it would hurt less if you only said you’re sorry,

Maybe this is for the best and I really shouldn’t worry,

Maybe you were right that the cycle would continue,

Or, maybe we could work it out if you had the heart in you.

Every day it crawls by like a nightmare on repeat,

Every thought revolves ‘round you whilst walking down the street,

I wish that I could make you see how young love has turned sour,

And I’d make you talk to me again if I only had the power.

You said it’s best to break for good; there’s nothing I can do,

But if you ever truly cared for me, know I’ll always care for you.


Emma H, age 21, 19/07/2012


Hi everyone! I’ve been a bit lax with posting new pieces recently as I am struggling for free time, inspiration and motivation 😦 I’m hoping my imagination will take flight soon, but in the meantime, here’s another Throwback Thursday poem! Hope you enjoy 🙂

In Emma World


I turn on

The faucet of thought,

To immerse myself in


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I open up my little brain

To rummage for ideas,

But all the shelves are empty:

It’s the worst of writers’ fears!

There are cobwebs in the corners,

And balls of tumbleweed,

But simply no creative thoughts –

The one thing that I need!

Inventiveness depleted,

My cupboards are just bare;

It’s such a disappointment

There’s no stories left to share.

So maybe if I wait awhile

My larder will restock,

My imagination bursting

To dispel my writer’s block!

Emma H, age 26, 16/11/2017


Love Bite – A Tanka – #writephoto



Crescent moon love bite

Scars the night’s indigo skin,

Dominating view.

Framed by leafy silhouettes,

A vision in black and blue.


Emma H, age 26, 14/11/2017


Written for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto – “Luna” photo prompt. To take part or read other entries, you can follow the link here:

Thursday photo prompt – Luna – #writephoto

Sue has posted some beautiful pictures recently for #writephoto but I’ve been too low on time and motivation to get round to writing the stories I have in mind! Therefore, this week, I thought it best to stick to a short and simple tanka. Thanks Sue for the lovely lunar image.




Crackling starbursts

Glittered gold streamers

Whizzers and bangers

And fizzers and screamers


Poppers and boomers

Cast vast rainbow flowers

Shedding their petals

In shooting star showers


A maelstrom of colour

On a black canvas sky

With a sparkle that rivals

The stars up on high


Rubies and emeralds

And amethysts bright

Explode in the darkness

To glitz up the night


Twizzling and twirling

These bright sky-bound dancers

Fill skies with diamonds

To thrill and entrance us


Rockets and whistlers

Astound and amaze

Whilst spectators warm

By the bonfire blaze


Dramatic finale

Explosion of wonder

Huge fountains of stardust

A blast loud as thunder


Frozen ears ringing

The happy crowds cheer

For this fiery display

That delights every year.

Emma H, age 26, 06/11/2017