Alive – A Tanka


Life courses through me,

I don’t want to just survive,

I want to break free;

To run, dance, succeed and thrive,

To feel awake, feel alive.


Emma H, age 26, 18/08/2017

Tanka based on the words “life” and “survival” according to Kiwinana’s Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 58. To partake or read other entries, check out her blog below:

The accompanying photo is of our family dog, Alfie, enjoying life and a cold paddle in the Lake District!

Sleepwalking – A Tanka

We stumble through life,

Eyes closed to injustices,

Mired in apathy,

Society sleepwalking

Into shameful selfishness.


We must awaken:

Weaponise our awareness

To fight for fairness,

Stand up against prejudice

And cease self-centred slumber.


Emma H, age 26, 04/08/2017

Double Tanka written for Kiwinana’s Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – week 56 – “Awake” & “Sleep”. Click on the link below to see how the challenge works and to submit your own!: