Structure – A Senryu


My brain craves structure,

Yet this rigid, structured life

Stops me from living.


Emma H, age 26, 17/02/2017





Our hearts are born

With strings attached

Hung like marionettes

To be manipulated

Strung like harps

To be played.



By unrehearsed fingers

Our tunes are discordant

Clashing sharps and flats

Strings bent and


When misused

Or else we dance

To the dizzying tunes

Of others

And forget to sing

Our own song.


When hearts duet

Some melodies

Crescendo fast

And end abruptly

Some refrains

Start brightly


Become balladic

Lamenting and woeful.


But in heartfelt harmony

Are composed symphonies

Intricately beautiful

Cascading concertos

And lilting legatos

Rare masterpieces

Accompanying our lives

Until eventually

Our cherished aged strings

Wear thin

And our fading tunes



Emma H, age 26, 01/09/2017


Happy Thursday everyone! We’ve nearly reached that elusive weekend… Today’s throwback pick is “Grey”, originally posted in March, in homage to today’s dull grey skies. I’m usually a sun-worshipper, so this weather is making me long for the crisp, bright, wintry days ahead! Hope you enjoy the poem 🙂

In Emma World

Grey 2.png

My life is grey.

As grey as the swollen rainclouds and their curtain of drizzle,

As grey as a pigeon’s wing slicing through the dense, sluggish smog,

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This Little Piggy


A wee little pig I have become,

My mind wallows in mud and scum,

Hairs that sprout from my chinny-chin-chin,

Bulging flesh and stretching skin,

With fragile walls too easily blown

By the big bad wolves I long have known,

As weak as sticks or straw, my heart,

Too used to being torn apart.


Please shield me with your house of bricks,

Protect me from life’s cruellest kicks,

A place to which my heart can roam,

And a love to carry me all the way home.

Emma H, age 26, 14/08/2017


Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! Today, I’m reposting the first poem I wrote as a response to the Daily Prompt, back in February. It depicts the way music and peaceful me-time can provide an escape to the boredom and stress of daily life. Oft needed, I must say! Hope you enjoy 🙂

In Emma World

via Daily Prompt: Hideout

These walls are invisible,

A hideout of the mind,

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And greedy-hearted

We snatch and grab,

Desperately needy, opportunist,

Heads turned by the sparkle

Of diamond-coated happiness

No more than charcoal.

Why does the promise of glitter

Have us all atwitter like

Manic magpies chasing gold

In an unwinnable race?

Caught in a scuffle

That achieves little more than ruffled feathers

Until we shuffle off this mortal coil.

To the victor no spoils, since

Each jewel

Delivers only a fraction of the satisfaction

We crave –

Endless cycle of distraction and

False attraction;

Sold a dream, a treasure,

Which simply cannot bring us pleasure.


Emma H, age 26, 17/08/2017

This is my 200th post on In Emma World! 😀 It’s crazy that in just under 7 months I have managed to create and post this much content. Thanks to all of my followers and readers for your support so far, I’m looking forward to writing even more 🙂