Flight – A Tanka – #writephoto



Stifled by structure,

Shackled to this tarmacked Hell,

A heart is ruptured;

Caged within a dingy cell,

Dizzied by life’s carousel.


Yearning for escape,

Heavenward you set your sights,

Your dreams taking shape.

Like birds aloft at great height,

Unfurl your heart’s wings, take flight.


Emma H, age 26, 30/06/2017


This tanka was written in response to Sue Vincent’s “Flight” photo prompt. The photo was startlingly familiar because I have taken some very similar ones myself(!); I have added these at the foot of the poem. This was quite a difficult tanka to write due to my insistence on using rhyme, but I’m rather happy with the end result. In many ways it relates to my previous poem, “Flying“. I often feel like the reader that I am addressing in the poem; weighted down by the monotony of daily life and dreaming of something greater, more fulfilling. I suppose you could say that’s part of the reason why I restarted writing! Thanks Sue for another great prompt 🙂

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