Car Crash Girl

Her paintwork is scratched

Scraped, chipped, scarred

Doors dented

By life’s hard knocks

Spluttering and stalling

Along her journey

Belching black fumes

Rattling and juddering

Across stony tracks

Pitfalls and potholes

Wheels punctured

Oil leak weeping


A screw loose

In her rusted chassis

Fuel running low

Breakdown after breakdown

Mechanics preoccupied

By other callouts

No recovery

Ready for the scrapheap.


Car crash girl

Hurtles through pain

Collides headfirst

With misery

Flips and rolls

Ferocious fireball

An engine in ashes

Smashed and shattered

Damage irreversible

End of the road.


Emma H, age 26, 04/08/2017


In my quest

For a heavenly love

I discovered the devil

In me.

His pitchfork stabbed my mind

Oozing toxic blackness

That tainted my thoughts

And poisoned me against me.

His hellish heat

Scorched my fragile heart

And though the ashes have blown

It remains fire-damaged.

His forked tongue

Hissed hatred into my ear

A venomous diatribe

That made me beg for silence.

I have clawed my way

Out of the abyss

But the demon still lurks within

Waiting for me to slip

And fall.


Emma H, age 26, 19/03/2017