Me To You


What am I to you now?


Just a blip in your spotless record?

A haphazard mistake, scribbled out?

A first draft screwed (up), and trashed?

A dull detour from your crazy-paved path?


Perhaps I am The One who got away?

The erasure that left a gap in your fairytale?

A glimmer of inspiration too hastily discarded?

The U-turn that drove you to disorientation?


Do you avoid thought of me,

Or am I scrubbed clean from your memory?

Do you regret me…

Or rejecting me?


Emma H, age 26, 15/03/2017

This poem is somewhat intended as a “sequel” to my previous poem Questions for the First – click to read!


Misery Monday – A Haiku – Guest Blogger


The rain thunders down,

People run around like clowns

In a bleak dark town.


Michael E, age 27, 01/06/2017




So this poem is the first attempt at a haiku by my boyfriend, Mike, and he insisted that I share it with you all 🙂 Let us know if you enjoyed it! At least the weather today is somewhat more pleasant than the scene described…


After the goodbye

You were unfaltering in your silence,

Unswerving, unwavering,

Whilst I clawed at my heart

In frantic desperation,

Searching for answers unspoken,

Apologies unoffered,

Wondering if you cared,

If you spared

A single thought for me,

But I was left unknowing.

I had always imagined

That you would find it torturous,


But instead you were

Uncommitted, unrestricted,

Revelling in your new-found space.

So your deathly silence

Was unrepented unlove,

And I wept emerald tears,

Devastated and envious,

At your unhindered happiness

Without me.


Emma H, age 26, 20/03/2017

Durham Summer


Lazy summer days

Swim into view in a memory haze,

The warm glow of nostalgia and sun,

Lingering glimpses of friendship and fun,

Images from the past,

Whose ghostly presence is fleeting,

Feel so bittersweet,

With longing and happiness meeting,

A life once short-lived,

In my mind now relived,

Through the blurred lines of reminiscence,

Like a glimmering effervescence,

The cloudy perfection

Of my dreamy reflection.

Zigzagging in rowboats, or floating serenely,

Pleasant country walks or sunbathing keenly,

Inner children set free, high on the swings,

Or barbecue evenings, sitting in rings,

Alcoholic sunrise, a sea of white shirts,

Bouncy castles and courtyard concerts,

Scents of wild garlic, cider, cut grass,

Flitting moments not destined to last,

And the beckoning tunes

Of laughter, birdsong, soft rain,

Midsummer music craved to hear again.

Joyous games in dwindling light,

As golden sunset gave way to night,

Beneath shadows of cathedral walls:

The euphoria my heart recalls.

Dancing through the dark hours to disco beats,

Cheesy music, cheap drinks,

Singing and swaying up the cobbled streets,

Recovery by the riverside,

Aching head and bleary-eyed,

Nursed to health by sunshine and ice cream,

Now all but a dream.

Only a few years ago,

And yet a million worlds away,

How I pine for those lazy summer days,

And wish that they could stay.

Emma H, 18/05/2016, aged 25


The best part of university was the post-exams, pre-results period – 3 or so weeks in June with no lectures, no seminars, no tests, just free time to relax, socialise and have fun. As my old photos pop up on my phone to remind me of these fantastic times, I figured it would be apt to post this nostalgic piece in tribute. It’s hard to believe that it has actually been almost 4 years now since I graduated!