Visitors – A Haiku


Shady figures loom.

Cold fear creeps into my heart.

Door swings… “TRICK OR TREAT!”


Emma H, age 26, 30/10/2017


Happy Halloween everyone!

Written for Haiku Horizons prompt week no. 192: “Treat”; and also in the spooky spirit of Halloween! 🙂



Witching Hour – A Haiku

witching hour


Moon dressed silver-white

A costume of cobweb clouds

Ghostly, eerie sight

Emma H, age 26, 25/10/2017


Haiku for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Tuesday Challenge: “Eerie” & “Costume”. To take part in the challenge and to read last week’s entries, you can follow the link below:

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Tuesday Challenge: EERIE & COSTUME




Happy Throwback Thursday, readers! Today I’m reblogging a poem originally posted in early March, about the emotional potency of music. I believe that any genre of music has the power to evoke strong emotional reactions and can also offer a place of relaxation, comfort, solace or energy to the listener at times when they need it most.

In Emma World

Audio artistry,

Phonic poetry,

Soundtrack of dreams,

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Escape – A Tanka



Hectic lives forged in

An urban cacophony,

The clamour and din;

We all need a tranquil space

To let peace and quiet in.


Emma H, age 26, 19/10/2017


A tanka for Colleen’s weekly Poetry Tuesday Challenge: “Quiet” & “Space”. Thanks Colleen for the prompt! To take part, you can follow the link below:

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Tuesday Challenge: Quiet & Space

It also conveniently fits today’s Daily Prompt!