Your Silence was a hurtful sound,

My head filled with white noise,

An endless static rebound

Drowning out life’s joys.


The only break from Silence

Was the screaming in my heart,

And the tears that smeared mascara

Like a ghastly work of art.


Your Silence was a shock to me,

As though you flipped a switch,

Decided I was boring you,

And couldn’t scratch your itch.


Your Silence came from nowhere,

One day talking, next day dumb,

You ghosted out of my life,

To leave me cold and numb.


Your Silence birthed confusion,

A stunned mind asking “‘why?”,

There was no relief from closure,

My heart was left to die.


So if the Silence comes again,

I don’t think I could bear

The excruciating agony,

That deafening nightmare.

Emma H, age 26, 28/02/2017


In my quest

For a heavenly love

I discovered the devil

In me.

His pitchfork stabbed my mind

Oozing toxic blackness

That tainted my thoughts

And poisoned me against me.

His hellish heat

Scorched my fragile heart

And though the ashes have blown

It remains fire-damaged.

His forked tongue

Hissed hatred into my ear

A venomous diatribe

That made me beg for silence.

I have clawed my way

Out of the abyss

But the demon still lurks within

Waiting for me to slip

And fall.


Emma H, age 26, 19/03/2017