Alive – A Tanka


Life courses through me,

I don’t want to just survive,

I want to break free;

To run, dance, succeed and thrive,

To feel awake, feel alive.


Emma H, age 26, 18/08/2017

Tanka based on the words “life” and “survival” according to Kiwinana’s Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 58. To partake or read other entries, check out her blog below:

The accompanying photo is of our family dog, Alfie, enjoying life and a cold paddle in the Lake District!

Car Crash Girl

Her paintwork is scratched

Scraped, chipped, scarred

Doors dented

By life’s hard knocks

Spluttering and stalling

Along her journey

Belching black fumes

Rattling and juddering

Across stony tracks

Pitfalls and potholes

Wheels punctured

Oil leak weeping


A screw loose

In her rusted chassis

Fuel running low

Breakdown after breakdown

Mechanics preoccupied

By other callouts

No recovery

Ready for the scrapheap.


Car crash girl

Hurtles through pain

Collides headfirst

With misery

Flips and rolls

Ferocious fireball

An engine in ashes

Smashed and shattered

Damage irreversible

End of the road.


Emma H, age 26, 04/08/2017

Last Kiss

In the garish station light,

We gripped hands,

Or linked arms,

And my heart fluttered fearfully

At a farewell

That could be final.

In this bubble there was

Only Us,

Oblivious to the comings and goings

Of suited commuters

Or the rattling trains,

For I was focused on your face,

Although your expression was


Fathomless eyes

(Cannot recall the colour).

We lingered nervously,

Waiting for that tender kiss

That would tear us in half

And lead us down

Different, distant paths.

And as I walked

Into a fogged future

With or without you,

I dared not look back in desperation,

But I felt tears slide

Because I knew inside, that was

The Last Time.


Emma H, age 26, 22/02/2017


It feeds

On our niggling insecurities,

Our insatiable greed,

Our competitive spirit,

Our unjustifiable fear of Difference.

It breeds

Corruptible power,

Divisive media,

Scorn and shame,

Judgment of the Self, others, and

The Other,

Systematic destruction of self-esteem,

Inward self-loathing and

Outward vitriol.





This is our Society,

Cracking and crumbling

Into the moral abyss.


Emma H, age 25, 27/10/2016



Your Silence was a hurtful sound,

My head filled with white noise,

An endless static rebound

Drowning out life’s joys.


The only break from Silence

Was the screaming in my heart,

And the tears that smeared mascara

Like a ghastly work of art.


Your Silence was a shock to me,

As though you flipped a switch,

Decided I was boring you,

And couldn’t scratch your itch.


Your Silence came from nowhere,

One day talking, next day dumb,

You ghosted out of my life,

To leave me cold and numb.


Your Silence birthed confusion,

A stunned mind asking “‘why?”,

There was no relief from closure,

My heart was left to die.


So if the Silence comes again,

I don’t think I could bear

The excruciating agony,

That deafening nightmare.

Emma H, age 26, 28/02/2017