I am swollen with flame.

My tinder heart

Lit by a spark,

Ignited by ire,

Growing and surging

To raging fire,

Fuelled by injustice,

Petroleum lies,

Tales of abuse

Gunpowder to my blaze,

My body a pyre;

Colossal inferno ravages



Threatens to overwhelm

And consume me



But should I crumble

To ashes,

Overcome by searing heat,

I will rise from the cinders,

A phoenix reborn,

Soaring upon wings afire,

Dripping with flame,

Beacon of gold



A feathered fighter

Reaching new heights.

Your slings and shots

Shall not strike me,

For I am no mere trophy;

I am a comet

A fireball




And I will transform,

Become dragon-woman,


Crimson-eyed beast,

My belly a furnace,

My body a conduit

Channeling fiery fury,

Red hot rage,

I unleash hellfire

On the deniers

And liars

And abusers

And burn them to the ground.

My words incendiary,

My message will spread

Like wildfire;

For mine is not the only

Angry heart,

And sparks will fly.


Emma H, age 26, 17/10/2017



Happy Thursday everyone! We’ve nearly reached that elusive weekend… Today’s throwback pick is “Grey”, originally posted in March, in homage to today’s dull grey skies. I’m usually a sun-worshipper, so this weather is making me long for the crisp, bright, wintry days ahead! Hope you enjoy the poem 🙂

In Emma World

Grey 2.png

My life is grey.

As grey as the swollen rainclouds and their curtain of drizzle,

As grey as a pigeon’s wing slicing through the dense, sluggish smog,

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This Little Piggy


A wee little pig I have become,

My mind wallows in mud and scum,

Hairs that sprout from my chinny-chin-chin,

Bulging flesh and stretching skin,

With fragile walls too easily blown

By the big bad wolves I long have known,

As weak as sticks or straw, my heart,

Too used to being torn apart.


Please shield me with your house of bricks,

Protect me from life’s cruellest kicks,

A place to which my heart can roam,

And a love to carry me all the way home.

Emma H, age 26, 14/08/2017

Ophelia – A Tanka



Rich shades of autumn,

Copper-coloured foliage,

Orange and deep gold,

Reflected in storm-swirled skies;

Nature’s wonders never cease.


Emma H, age 26, 16/10/2017


My photo does not do justice to yesterday’s eerie, apocalyptic weather – it was reminiscent of scenes from Mad Max or Star Wars. An eye-catching celestial phenomenon was created as ex-hurricane Ophelia’s winds dragged desert sands and forest fire particles up into the atmosphere over Britain. Nature never ceases to amaze me.

Haunted – Double Tanka

I am plagued by ghosts.

Phantom memories haunting,

Teasing and taunting;

Eerie unending onslaught

Of past polluting present.


Wraithlike reflections,

Ethereal nostalgia,

Draw a spectral smile –

Soon banished by the thought that

Now cannot compare to Then.

Emma H, age 26, 12/10/2017

A double tanka especially for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge Week 54 – “Ghost” & “Haunt”. To find out how to take part in the challenge, you can follow the link here:

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Tuesday Challenge No. 54: GHOST & HAUNT

I think my first stanza is better, but didn’t fully convey that the haunting memories were happy ones rather than regrets – hence the addition of the second stanza. I find that happy memories can be horribly bittersweet, especially when going through rough times in life or mental health. Thanks to Colleen for the prompt!


Fun & Games – A Haiku




Memories of childhood fun;

Great joy recaptured!

Emma H, age 26, 24/07/2017


I love the nostalgia of rediscovering a childhood toy, game or book and sparing a moment to reminisce.

Photo taken in the Lego shop in Disneyland Paris a few years ago whilst holidaying with my sister 🙂 We designed our Lego figures to be the “perfect English gentlemen”…


Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! Today, I’m reposting the first poem I wrote as a response to the Daily Prompt, back in February. It depicts the way music and peaceful me-time can provide an escape to the boredom and stress of daily life. Oft needed, I must say! Hope you enjoy 🙂

In Emma World

via Daily Prompt: Hideout

These walls are invisible,

A hideout of the mind,

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