Our hearts are born

With strings attached

Hung like marionettes

To be manipulated

Strung like harps

To be played.



By unrehearsed fingers

Our tunes are discordant

Clashing sharps and flats

Strings bent and


When misused

Or else we dance

To the dizzying tunes

Of others

And forget to sing

Our own song.


When hearts duet

Some melodies

Crescendo fast

And end abruptly

Some refrains

Start brightly


Become balladic

Lamenting and woeful.


But in heartfelt harmony

Are composed symphonies

Intricately beautiful

Cascading concertos

And lilting legatos

Rare masterpieces

Accompanying our lives

Until eventually

Our cherished aged strings

Wear thin

And our fading tunes



Emma H, age 26, 01/09/2017



Happy Throwback Thursday, readers! Today I’m reblogging a poem originally posted in early March, about the emotional potency of music. I believe that any genre of music has the power to evoke strong emotional reactions and can also offer a place of relaxation, comfort, solace or energy to the listener at times when they need it most.

In Emma World

Audio artistry,

Phonic poetry,

Soundtrack of dreams,

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Sing Out – A Tanka


Open your mouth wide

And sing loud for all to hear,

Forget fear and pride;

Music is a gift, that’s clear –

Spread your tune to ev’ry ear!


Emma H, age 26, 20/09/2017


I enjoyed Colleen’s Weekly Poetry prompt “gift” & “song” so much that I actually wrote a second poem – this one a tanka. I know I’m posting it after the deadline, but I still wanted to share!

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 51 #Haiku #Tanka #Haibun: GIFT & SONG

My first entry, a haiku, can be found here: Dawn Chorus – A Haiku

Pain Nostalgia

Since it’s Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d repost one of my older poems today – in fact, the first poem I ever published, back in February this year. It’s one of my favourite poems that I’ve composed, based on the flood of conflicting emotions and difficult memories I get when listening to Ludovico Einaudi’s “Due Tramonti”. If you’ve never listened to it, please do – it is an utterly beautiful, heart-wrenching melody.

In Emma World

Forlorn strings

And tinkling ivories, twinkling ivories;

Mesmerising, comforting,


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Go now.

Get out of here.

Flee from your every fear,

Protect all that you hold dear.



Run faster.

Run until red in the face,

Hasten your steps, quicken the pace,

Closeted demons are giving chase.




Hurtle down the open path

Monsters are on the warpath

Seeking a violent bloodbath.



Keep running!

‘Til your heart is ready to pop

Never let your speed drop

They’ll catch you if you stop.



Fly away!

Towards the beckoning light

Away from the dark of night

Don’t be tempted to turn and fight.




Run on!

Run from the relentless pursuit

And find a freedom absolute.

Don’t give them the chance to shoot.


Emma H, age 26, 10/03/2017

This poem is intended to be a lyrical/verbal/poetic representation of the Einaudi piece “Run”. It’s a beautiful tune which gradually seems to gain pace and urgency as it progresses, which I tried to capture with each stanza. I also think that it would work well as a spoken word poem. Let me know if you think it fits the music!