Riding the glittering ocean edge

In the shadow of crumbling cliff faces,

Admiring picture-perfect fishing boats

Calmly bobbing in quaint harbours,

Racing through the lush Cornish countryside

So brilliantly verdant and enticing,

I wonder to myself: when will this

Loneliness be over?

I imagine a new life mapped out before me.

I feel the fluttering butterflies

And the driving rhythms surrounding me,

Hurtling me like a hurricane towards the dark tunnel

Of an obscure and uncertain future;

A distant glimmer of light,

Or a dead-end.

As I gaze upon the effortless perfection

Of the rolling green hills,

I am struck by a desperate yearning

Like a creature clawing at its cage.

Will these tracks carry me from rejection,

Speed me towards green pastures new,

Towards elusive desire, lust, or


Will my loneliness be over?

Emma H, age 26, 31/01/2017

Fans of British alternative rock may be able to decipher the (not-so-)subtle hints to song titles/lyrics in this poem! It was the music I was listening to during much of the depicted train journey and consequently it acts as a powerful memory trigger when I listen to it even now. Strange to think that said memory is now over 5 years old!


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