Dandelions – A Tanka



Land-tethered bubbles,

Timeless clocks on slender stalks,

Herald the season.

Pop! Delicate shards afloat,

Dispersed by the gentle breeze.


Emma H, age 26, 19/05/2017


Purple Laces

On a journey full of nameless faces

I saw a man with purple laces;

His dark brown brogues, those classic shoes,

Were customised with violet hues.

It’s strange, I thought, how this display

Has roused a smile this tiresome day,

For commuting dull and work still duller

How fun to add a splash of colour;

Amidst the greys of city strife

We all should brighten up our life,

And those of others ‘round us too,

To bring some cheer when feeling blue.

So with these thoughts within my brain

I paused to catch my homeward train,

And on we travelled to different places:

Me, and the guy with purple laces.


Emma H, age 26, 01/06/2017


I am a jigsaw puzzle,



With vital pieces plucked

And irretrievably scattered

By ruthless players.

I appear incomplete,

Wounded, punctured,

Flawed, damaged goods.

I will never be picture perfect.

But if you struggle to

Figure me out,

Piece me together,

Know that you can

Fill the gaps

With a love

That binds, unites,

Holds firm.

Just please,

Whatever you do,

Don’t give up on me.

Or else,

I will fall apart



Emma H, age 26, 29/03/2017

The Girl I Used To Be


I miss the girl I used to be:

Joyful, curious, so carefree,

Reading books voraciously,

Filling up my heart with glee,

Igniting creativity,

Imagination running free,

Writing stories feverishly,

Aspiring author definitely,

J.K. Rowling wannabe,

Eager too to learn and study,

Devouring knowledge hungrily,

Flourishing academically,

Ambitious, high-achieving me.


Now look what’s become of me:

Mired in life’s monotony,

Wand’ring around aimlessly,

Unmotivated, dull, lazy,

Goalless, hopeless, desperately

In search of dreams to set me free,

A place to which my heart can flee,

But stuck, stagnated, endlessly,

Looking backwards wistfully

At that girl I used to be.



Window Pain – #writephoto

window pain“So, what do you think?”

Matthew flashed his fiancée an enthusiastic smile. A room in an actual castle, with original features, stone walls, king-size bed, booked for a steal on some website. Perfect for their pre-wedding getaway.

Stephanie gave him a reproachful glare and tentatively stepped into the room. There were freezing draughts attacking her from every angle, cobwebs strung from the rickety beams and a carpet of dust on every surface. She creaked over to the window, where the tumultuous storm raging outside was leaking inside beneath the leaded pane. The room’s amber lamps flickered eerily as the gales pummelled the power lines.

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