Eerie, ethereal

Shape-shifting sands

Warped thoughts

Night-fallen lands

Emma H, age 26, 21/02/2017

Today’s bite-sized poem is an attempt to capture the essence of Ludovico Einaudi’s dark and mysterious piece, “Ascolta”. Take a listen and let me know what images are conjured for you!

Into Darkness – #writephoto



Tabitha gazed out over the land. Darkness was descending, painting the valley in a palette of smudged grey-blues and faint iridescence. The navy silhouettes of ghostly trees breached an eerie fog that had rolled in with the twilight. Tabitha knew that this was no natural fog; its milky thickness and defined shape indicated the presence of magic, there to conceal all manner of Dark deeds. She felt her skin prickle and fingertips tingle anticipatively.

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