It feeds

On our niggling insecurities,

Our insatiable greed,

Our competitive spirit,

Our unjustifiable fear of Difference.

It breeds

Corruptible power,

Divisive media,

Scorn and shame,

Judgment of the Self, others, and

The Other,

Systematic destruction of self-esteem,

Inward self-loathing and

Outward vitriol.





This is our Society,

Cracking and crumbling

Into the moral abyss.


Emma H, age 25, 27/10/2016


Sleepwalking – A Tanka

We stumble through life,

Eyes closed to injustices,

Mired in apathy,

Society sleepwalking

Into shameful selfishness.


We must awaken:

Weaponise our awareness

To fight for fairness,

Stand up against prejudice

And cease self-centred slumber.


Emma H, age 26, 04/08/2017

Double Tanka written for Kiwinana’s Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – week 56 – “Awake” & “Sleep”. Click on the link below to see how the challenge works and to submit your own!: