Burnt Out


The racing fires of passion in our veins

The searing infernos consuming us

Have crumbled to tepid ashes

Snuffed by the smothering weight of life

Extinguished by lazy overfamiliarity

And suffocating waves of unending lethargy.


It is time

To rekindle our spark.


Emma H, age 27, 25/01/2018

Inexperienced – A Tanka



A heart that’s playful,

Body lustful, afire love,

Young passion blooming;

Excitement of something new

Courses hot through burning veins.


A heart that’s lifeless,

Body untouched, veins run cold,

Young love extinguished;

The new-felt pain of heartache

Like frostbite stinging the soul.


Emma H, age 26, 20/09/2017


A double tanka for Kiwinana’s Weekly Tanka Challenge – Week 63 – “cold & “playful”. You can find out more or read other entries here:

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