Happy Thursday everyone! We’ve nearly reached that elusive weekend… Today’s throwback pick is “Grey”, originally posted in March, in homage to today’s dull grey skies. I’m usually a sun-worshipper, so this weather is making me long for the crisp, bright, wintry days ahead! Hope you enjoy the poem 🙂

In Emma World

Grey 2.png

My life is grey.

As grey as the swollen rainclouds and their curtain of drizzle,

As grey as a pigeon’s wing slicing through the dense, sluggish smog,

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First Heartbreak

There is a point of entry, punctured by words like knives,

And in comes the coldness, icy tendrils round the heart,

It spreads as your blood freezes; each limb becoming numb,

And all because you simply said “It’s best if we’re apart”.

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