Treading gingerly

‘Round shattered thoughts

The serrated shards

Of fractured memories

Stinging barbs of

Splintered dreams

My fragmented conscious

A minefield of pain


For when you cleaved my heart

In two


You left me also



Emma H, age 26, 27/11/2017

Toy Box


Why treat me like some toy to play with when you’re bored,

Just to shut me in your toy box, abandoned and ignored?

No sparing any second thoughts, never your priority,

And when I knocked upon the walls you turned your key on me.

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Music Box – A Haiku


The notes that pour from

My music box heart form a

Plaintive melody.

Emma H, age 26, 15/03/2017


This will likely be my last post before I disappear on holiday for a week – in case anyone wonders about my absence! I can’t wait to swap the brisk British weather for some scintillating Spanish sunshine 🙂 See you all in October!