Wish – A Haiku


Make a heartfelt wish;

Shooting star streaks through black skies –

Blink and you’ll miss it!

Emma H, age 27, 07/02/2018


Written for Haiku Horizons’ prompt week #206 – “star”:



Defenceless – Haiku


She fought her feelings,

Battled notions of love and

Romantic dealings,


But Cupid is smart;

Arrow strung, he took his aim,

Struck her through the heart.


Emma H, age 27, 15/01/2018


Double haiku written for Haiku Horizons prompt week 203: “aim”.


Visitors – A Haiku


Shady figures loom.

Cold fear creeps into my heart.

Door swings… “TRICK OR TREAT!”


Emma H, age 26, 30/10/2017


Happy Halloween everyone!

Written for Haiku Horizons prompt week no. 192: “Treat”; and also in the spooky spirit of Halloween! 🙂