I see you.

Trembling with volcanic fury,

Raging infernos behind your crimson eyes,

Acrid smoke pouring from each orifice,

Face contorted in fiery loathing,

Devastating eruption of hate and bile.

I hear you.

Spitting poison from your acid tongue,

Corrosive words eroding my heart

In a screaming miasmic language,

Vicious pernicious banshee shrieks,

Virulent venom spawning toxic taunts.

I see you. And I see me.

My reflection in your nasty expression,

My voice spewing spite from your lips,

My partner, my trigger, my mirror,

Monster of my creation;

Maybe better off

Without me.

Emma H, age 27, 15/01/2018


Today’s Throwback Thursday poem was originally posted back in early April. It deals with issues of mental health and how ‘lows’ can only be a small trigger away.

In Emma World

I’m walking a

Fine line,

Knife edge.

A trembling tightrope

Beneath bare soles,

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Visitors – A Haiku


Shady figures loom.

Cold fear creeps into my heart.

Door swings… “TRICK OR TREAT!”


Emma H, age 26, 30/10/2017


Happy Halloween everyone!

Written for Haiku Horizons prompt week no. 192: “Treat”; and also in the spooky spirit of Halloween! 🙂