Me To You


What am I to you now?


Just a blip in your spotless record?

A haphazard mistake, scribbled out?

A first draft screwed (up), and trashed?

A dull detour from your crazy-paved path?


Perhaps I am The One who got away?

The erasure that left a gap in your fairytale?

A glimmer of inspiration too hastily discarded?

The U-turn that drove you to disorientation?


Do you avoid thought of me,

Or am I scrubbed clean from your memory?

Do you regret me…

Or rejecting me?


Emma H, age 26, 15/03/2017

This poem is somewhat intended as a “sequel” to my previous poem Questions for the First – click to read!



After the goodbye

You were unfaltering in your silence,

Unswerving, unwavering,

Whilst I clawed at my heart

In frantic desperation,

Searching for answers unspoken,

Apologies unoffered,

Wondering if you cared,

If you spared

A single thought for me,

But I was left unknowing.

I had always imagined

That you would find it torturous,


But instead you were

Uncommitted, unrestricted,

Revelling in your new-found space.

So your deathly silence

Was unrepented unlove,

And I wept emerald tears,

Devastated and envious,

At your unhindered happiness

Without me.


Emma H, age 26, 20/03/2017