Witching Hour – A Haiku

witching hour


Moon dressed silver-white

A costume of cobweb clouds

Ghostly, eerie sight

Emma H, age 26, 25/10/2017


Haiku for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Tuesday Challenge: “Eerie” & “Costume”. To take part in the challenge and to read last week’s entries, you can follow the link below:

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Tuesday Challenge: EERIE & COSTUME



Dreams – #writephoto

wisp.pngAsh stared at the landscape, sapphire eyes glittered with wonder. The rising sun greeted the rocks with a caressing golden glow; the horizon was tinted candyfloss pink over the moss-green hills. In the azure sky, wisps of cloud were hung like cobwebs, as fleeting and fragile as one’s breath on an icy morning. In every direction the beauty was boundless. This was a place where man had yet to impose his borders and barriers on Mother Nature. And the air was crisp and clean and refreshing. Ash inhaled deeply.

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