The Magician



Enchantress Autumn

Sweeps aside Sorceress Summer

Casts her seasonal spell

Bedazzles with costume change trickery

Sheds emerald finery

For fiery reds and russets

Flaming orange and brilliant bronze

Auspicious ochre and amber ablaze

Igniting foliage fireworks;


Sprinkles stardust and rains diamonds

Gilding the ground with

Gratuitous glitter

Crisp and crystalline;

Floods mournful mornings with

Mysterious mists

Swirling her stage like dry ice;

Bewitches shadows

To stretch and mutate

Spread sombreness and

Steal the slumbersome sun from the sky;

Crowns the harvest moon with pearlescence

And dresses his dashing smile in a

Regal cape of silvered cloud;

Entrances furry fauna

Lulled with lilting lullabies to the

Hypnosis of hibernation

And blows formations of feathered fowls

On a south-seeking breeze;

With a wave of her willowy wand

Saturates hardy hedgerows

With succulent berries full-to-bursting

Bloats bulbous pumpkins

And ruddies gleaming apple skins

With an enchanted kiss;

Whistles for westerly winds

To assist the lustrous leaves

In their daring disappearing act

Vanishing from bowed branches.

Enchantress Autumn

Her magic spent

Bows low to a mesmerised audience

Exits stage left

And makes way

For the wily Witch of Winter

Waiting in the wings.


Emma H, age 26, 01/11/2017

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