Crackling starbursts

Glittered gold streamers

Whizzers and bangers

And fizzers and screamers


Poppers and boomers

Cast vast rainbow flowers

Shedding their petals

In shooting star showers


A maelstrom of colour

On a black canvas sky

With a sparkle that rivals

The stars up on high


Rubies and emeralds

And amethysts bright

Explode in the darkness

To glitz up the night


Twizzling and twirling

These bright sky-bound dancers

Fill skies with diamonds

To thrill and entrance us


Rockets and whistlers

Astound and amaze

Whilst spectators warm

By the bonfire blaze


Dramatic finale

Explosion of wonder

Huge fountains of stardust

A blast loud as thunder


Frozen ears ringing

The happy crowds cheer

For this fiery display

That delights every year.

Emma H, age 26, 06/11/2017



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