On a bed of grass

Cradled by the sun

And heads in the clouds


Heart pounding

As my trapped innocence

Knocked on the walls

Sighting freedom

In your eyes


We lay

Above the sheets

Fighting unspoken desire

To get between them

But I could feel

Your heat

Skin prickling

With nervous energy

And electric anticipation

Until with your lips

You unlocked

My coffin

And unleashed

The virgin vampiress

Her hot-blooded passion

Surging through veins

Bodies entangled


We slumbered

Beneath the covers

Lulled by soft melodies

Embracing new intimacy

Unfamiliar yet




Emma H, age 26, 07/09/2017


This poem is linked to one of my previous poems, bringing back the persona of the Vampiress. The title also pays homage to the fantastic Muse song, “Bliss”.


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