I throw in this cauldron a blossom white,

A verse of love song beautiful to hear,

Then add some sparking stars that throng the night,

And take the presence felt when love is near.

Include a garland of roses so sweet,

A dash of Summer sunshine in a room,

The spellbound silence when two lovers meet,

The Springtime joy cutting through Winter gloom.


I call the heavens list’ning to my spell,

Let Cupid’s arrow land into my pot,

Venus dance around in your magic dell,

Then light the fire, stir my mixture hot.

When all is done my potion you will sip,

And feel his kisses touch upon your lip.


Emma H, age 14, date unknown


I wrote this Shakespearean sonnet 12 years ago for a class in school, with the theme of a love spell/potion. It was then submitted to and published in a schools’ poetry anthology.

I’m proud of this sonnet, and if I were to write another now I don’t think it would be half as good!

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