I am swollen with flame.

My tinder heart

Lit by a spark,

Ignited by ire,

Growing and surging

To raging fire,

Fuelled by injustice,

Petroleum lies,

Tales of abuse

Gunpowder to my blaze,

My body a pyre;

Colossal inferno ravages



Threatens to overwhelm

And consume me



But should I crumble

To ashes,

Overcome by searing heat,

I will rise from the cinders,

A phoenix reborn,

Soaring upon wings afire,

Dripping with flame,

Beacon of gold



A feathered fighter

Reaching new heights.

Your slings and shots

Shall not strike me,

For I am no mere trophy;

I am a comet

A fireball




And I will transform,

Become dragon-woman,


Crimson-eyed beast,

My belly a furnace,

My body a conduit

Channeling fiery fury,

Red hot rage,

I unleash hellfire

On the deniers

And liars

And abusers

And burn them to the ground.

My words incendiary,

My message will spread

Like wildfire;

For mine is not the only

Angry heart,

And sparks will fly.


Emma H, age 26, 17/10/2017

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