Scarlet eyes aglow

Ignited by

Late nights and

Errant photo flashes

I arose

At the twilight

Urged by bloodlust

Creature of the night

Fuelled by the scent

Of potential prey

Skittish and elusive

I remained unfed

Hunger unsatiated

Starved of company

Parched heart

Unbeating alone

As the sun awoke

Cowering from

The blinding light of day.


I was your

Innocent vampiress

Cloaked in mystery

Secrets unexplored

My spotless smile

Alluring, seductive

Pointed teeth

Carefully concealed

And a carnal desire

To tear hot flesh

I struck

My crimson lips

Pressed to your neck

Caught by the jugular

Fangs steeped

In sanguine love

Dripping from my chin

Gorging on fresh life

My helpless victim.



We became

Undead together

Sharing shadows

Roaming the night

Fiery passion

Coursing through our veins

Feasting on

Secrets and stories

Devouring and drinking

Until drained dry

Sustenance consumed

You took wing

A lone hunter

Seeking new blood

Fresh territory

Your parting words

Sharp as a stake

Through this vampiress’ heart.


Emma H, age 26, 30/08/2017

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