The Girl I Used To Be


I miss the girl I used to be:

Joyful, curious, so carefree,

Reading books voraciously,

Filling up my heart with glee,

Igniting creativity,

Imagination running free,

Writing stories feverishly,

Aspiring author definitely,

J.K. Rowling wannabe,

Eager too to learn and study,

Devouring knowledge hungrily,

Flourishing academically,

Ambitious, high-achieving me.


Now look what’s become of me:

Mired in life’s monotony,

Wand’ring around aimlessly,

Unmotivated, dull, lazy,

Goalless, hopeless, desperately

In search of dreams to set me free,

A place to which my heart can flee,

But stuck, stagnated, endlessly,

Looking backwards wistfully

At that girl I used to be.



2 thoughts on “The Girl I Used To Be

  1. M. Sakran says:

    You know what you should do? You should probably start a blog. That would totally help.


    (Yes that was a silly joke, but given the slightly down tone of the poem, if it brought even the slightest smirk, it was worthwhile.)

    Liked by 1 person

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