Monster (II)

The ghosts of my former self

Lurk in the shadows of my mind;

Ethereal temporal echoes,

Time-split personalities,

Ever-present relics of the past

Taunt and tease and boast

A brilliance long-extinguished,

A promise long-faded

Into phantasmic fragments.

Now I am a marked mutant,

Stitched from the reeking flaws

And failures of my character,

Sewn by life’s cruel grievances,

Staggering towards a future duller

Than the light behind my eyes;

Unexceptional, blemished, faulty,

Rueing what once might have been,

And mourning those ghosts

Upon my shoulder.


Emma H, age 26, 29/06/2017

This poem is a rewrite of Monster (I) that I posted earlier in the week – this time I used a more fluid style, without rhyme or rhythm, in an attempt to better capture the dark tone and content. Please do read both and let me know in the comments which you prefer! I can’t make up my mind…

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