Monster (I)

The ghosts of myself past

Linger on my shoulder,

Teasing, taunting, haunting;

They make my blood run colder.


These phantoms represent

Lost qualities I desire,

And all that I once might have been,

And what I now require.


For I am stitched together

From the worst parts of my life

A mutant made of failures

And festering grief and strife.


I mourn the ghosts that haunt me,

For, try as I might,

I cannot grasp their greatness

To free me from my plight.


Blemished by these features,

With spectres there in tow,

I’m a person I don’t want to be

Living my horror show.


Emma H, age 26, 28/06/2017

After I wrote the above poem I was concerned that the short, limited lines and harmonious rhyme scheme didn’t fully convey the dark tone and themes of the poem’s content, so I penned a follow-up, Monster (II), – please give it a read and let me know which one you prefer!

3 thoughts on “Monster (I)

  1. M. Sakran says:

    Your note at the end does make a point. Often the form of a poem can change its tone. It can be hard to sound ominous with a sonnet and cheerful with blank verse. Each poetry form (even free verse) can lend itself differently to different presentations.

    You are actually conducting an interesting experiment: the presentation of the same or similar ideas using different forms. The chosen form can have a great impact on how a message gets across.

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