A Selection of Random Images 4

17634742_10154643089353031_7984418496285607336_nThe tiring sun

Kisses the moon goodnight

On his plump cheek

Leaving a partial gleam

In the darkening azure sky.


The beaming faces

Of violet and canary pansies

Like cheerleaders

Lining the roadside

To celebrate summer’s coming.


Flimsy jigsaw piece

Lost and lonesome

Dropped upon concrete

Leaving an irreparable hole

In an absent puzzle.


Lipstick tulips in

Man-eater crimson

Paint the flowerbed

With eye-catching shades

Attracting attention.


Opalescent heavens

Over the copper setting sun

Igniting airplane trails

Streaks of molten gold

Enriching the view.


Emma H, age 26, 07/04/2017

Fourth poem in my series describing ordinary sights from an ordinary day/commute as poetically as possible! You can read the previous poem here.

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