Indian Summer bathes

Bordelais bounty ablaze

Ground luxuriantly carpeted

In autumnal opulence

Deciduous canopies gold-leafed

Foliage regally russet-robed

Plush claret drapes

Fringed with bronze tassels

Hints of crisp citrus

Sumptuous sun-glittered spectrum

Treetop treasure trove


Riverside bedecked with

Trinkets of tenderness

Shimmering mirror waters

Reflected architectural grandeur

Twilight streets bejewelled

Citrine and aquamarine glow

Under star-spangled velvet blackness

Moonlight-marbled pathways

Ornate obelisks, flamboyant fountains

Midnight magnificence.


City of full-bodied French finesse,

Intoxicating complex character,

Enticing lingering finish,

Left me thirsty for more.


Emma H, age 26, 26/04/2017

I visited Bordeaux for a long November weekend during my Year Abroad. For mid-November it was uncharacteristically warm and sunny, and the city looked fabulous in a blaze of autumnal sunlit colours. I fell a little bit in love and wish I could have spent more time there! All of the photos above are my own.

This poem is the fifth in my travel series depicting places where I have lived or that I have┬ávisited in recent years – search for “Travel Poetry” in my blog┬ámenu for more!

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