Heartbreak Girl


See that girl there?

The one that you scorned,

With that sad, pretty face,



Huddled, self-cuddled,

In the foetal position,

Countenance wrecked

Beyond recognition.


Look at her precious heart

Carelessly split in two,

Tossed in the garbage,

No more than trash to you.


Listen to her plaintive cries,

Riddled with hurt,

Because you crushed her spirit

Into the dirt.


If her inner scars were visible,

She’d be a bloodied mess,

Fragile skin wounded

By your unfaithfulness.


Now you see your handiwork,

The pain that you inflicted,

The infernal woe of heartbreak

Visually depicted,


Do you finally feel regret,

The scalding burn of shame?

For this girl is forever broken,

And you’re the one to blame.


Emma H, age 26, 28/03/2017

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