Sagrada Familia



The effulgent sun

Refracts through painted prisms

And every surface is

Drenched in colour.

In solemn reverence

We swim through pools of


A symphonic spectrum

Staining our skin

And saturating the

Substantial spaces.

Light and shade dance and

Tease our thirsty eyes

Drinking in this

Man-made marvel

As yet


Emma H, age 26, 22/02/2017

I travelled to Barcelona almost two years ago (all photos are mine) and my stand-out memory is of the modern architecture and marvellous interior lightplay of Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia. It was like no church I had ever seen before. My boyfriend took some convincing to accompany me inside but even he was won over by the blazing colours and clever design. An absolute must-see if you’re ever in the Catalan capital!

This is my fourth poem on the theme of travel – you can find the other three here:

A Love Letter to Sevilla

Fire and Ice


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