A Selection of Random Images 3


Inquisitive crocus spears

Stabs of colour through drizzle drapes

Whether snow-capped


Or butter-tipped.


Otherworldly door

Intricately carved

Leading invitingly

To a mystical portal

Or a furniture shop.


A feline shadow

Darting between bushes

Atop a sheer hillside

A morning hunter

Expertly camouflaged.


Surprise shower of sparks

Glittering gold

As from a witch’s wand

Fizzing and dispersing

On the train-swept breeze.


Floored flower head


Petals limp and mud-stained

Once beautifully blooming

Now fallen.

Emma H, age 26, 09/03/2017


Third poem from a series recounting random glimpses or sights from a particular day or journey. Click on the links here to read poems one and two.

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