Questions For the First


Do you ever still think of me?

Do I cross your mind like this?

Do you reminisce about our memories?

Do you remember our last kiss?


Do you sometimes have flashbacks

Of our conversations, smiles?

Do small things trigger images

That distract you for a while?


Do you recall the laughter?

Do you relive the pain?

Do you remember your deafening silence

That killed me again and again?


Do you think of me fondly

And regret how we fell apart?

Or is it just relief you feel

That I’m no longer in your heart?


Do you ever yearn to speak to me

To catch up and converse?

To discuss how things once might have been,

For better or for worse?


Funny how from such closeness

We became strangers anew;

We once were distant physically,

Now our lives are distant too.


Emma H, age 26, 10/02/2017

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