Petrified – #writephoto



“How long are we

To stand so still,

Statuesque and

Mute?” said Bill.


“We must hide our


Or risk our capture,”

Explained Lee.


“In stillness they

See only stone;

They look, but leave

Us on our own.


But if we move

Our disguise goes

And our dwarfish form

Then clearly shows.


We must protect

Our brethren few

For if we’re caught

They’ll find them too.


And who knows then

How they might act;

Humans beings are

Not known for tact.”


So, afraid to stir

They’re standing there

Still to this day,

That dwarfish pair.


One day you’ll maybe

Pass them by;

There’s more to some rocks

Than meets the eye…

Emma H, age 26, 15/04/2017

Poem in response to Sue Vincent’s Enigma #writephoto photographic prompt. Like most other contributors I can definitely see figures in the pictured stones! Great fuel for the imagination, thanks to Sue.


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