Hold me in your loving arms, where I belong,

Win me with your subtle charms, your inner song,

Soft warmth and depth of feeling, my heart aglow,

Send all my senses reeling; let your love flow.

Greet me with your gorgeous smile, your open eyes,

And lay with me for a while, ‘neath starry skies.

Run your fingers through my hair, caress my skin,

Insecurities laid bare, I’ve let you in.

Open your worn heart to trust, I am right here,

Friendship, loyalty, care, lust, but never fear.

Saviour, shelter, angel of mine, hold me tight,

Each drop of my heart is thine, and though we fight

I’ll always be your sweetheart, your little chick,

Holding hands down our long path, through thin or thick.

You are my comfort, my home; how could I leave?

Wherever we may find to roam, what we achieve,

Whether the world does us harm, we’ll stay strong,

Forever there in your arms, where I belong.

Emma H, age 25, 11/05/2016 


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