If the darkness drags me back,

With raking claws that scratch and snatch,

And blots my mind with thoughts pitch black,

Would you save me? Would you catch?


If depression rears its monstrous head,

And sinks its sharpened teeth to tear

And rip until my soul is dead,

Would you hold me? Would you care?


If the blizzard sweeps inside,

My frozen heart all chipped and cracked,

Would you still be on my side?

Or would you think it’s all an act?


If the sadness takes me whole,

And tears flow freely day and night,

And inner pain it takes its toll,

Would you shield me? Would you fight?


I hear the thunder rumbling,

I’m helpless to resist its call,

So if I do go tumbling,

Please don’t leave and watch me fall.


Emma H, age 26, 22/02/2017


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