The End

Can’t you feel it looming?

That blot as dark as night,

Flitting, flirting, lurking,

Always just out of sight.


Can’t you feel it creeping?

With wolfish hungry grin,

Inches from behind your back,

Yet vanished when you spin.


Can’t you feel it teasing?

A soft tap on your shoulder,

Breathes ominously down your neck,

Grows confident, grows bolder.


Suddenly it leaps out

And sends you into shock

Heart pounding uncontrollably

Your knees begin to knock.


It grabs you by the hands

And whirls you round and round

And with your world a-reeling

You fall and hit the ground.


Its maniacal laughter

Left hanging in the air

It fades into the shadows

And leaves you lying there.

Emma H, age 25, 25/11/2016

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