My heart wandered in wilderness

Suffocating, dense and obscure,

Where tendrils of smoky blackness

Writhed around my mind,

Befogging my thoughts,

And I lurched between days,

Lost and pathless,

Wanting to feel wanted,

Seeking desire for

Fleeting satisfaction;

But when the want waned,

Inflicting only hurt and confusion,

I surrendered my happiness,

And my heart was wrecked.


And then, like a beacon of light,

You came forth and banished my night,

Blinking back darkness, I could see

Your solidity clear before me,

My fractured heart was fixed anew

By the potent love flowing from you,

Healing, soothing, caring, deep,

Entrusting your own heart to keep,

Slowly my doubts began to fade,

Surrounded by your barricade,

Dispelling my anguish and my pain

And making me feel whole again.


Emma H, age 26, 14/02/2017

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