Snow Globe


The very first flake falls; a calm descends upon the world,

With baited breath, expectant eyes await beauty unfurled,

A sky as grey as steel as if the clouds themselves would freeze,

Small white dots dance dreamily, asleep upon the breeze,

Young tongues keenly test the air, the purity to taste,

Gradually the snowdrops feel an increase in their haste.

A shimmery sheet of silver, a curtain made of ice,

And with a whip of wind the very air bare skin to slice,

Flakes the size of pebbles float to ground but melting not,

Layer upon layer, each darkened space to blot,

The blandest view romanticised, mouths agape in wonder,

Coats and hairstyles icy spotted, umbrellas huddled under,

What drives these leafs of coldness to the earth in such a hurry?

Who could behold the sight and not be entranced by the flurry?

A picture of tranquillity; peaceful and serene,

Not hill nor field nor flowerbed yields the slightest hint of green,

Carpeted in whiteness crisp, silken, shiny, sleek,

Underfoot each heavy tread with satisfying creak,

Trees are laced with threads of ice which sparkle in the light,

Entire forests stunning in their dainty costumes bright,

Icing sugar scenery a treat for eager eyes,

Like fairy tales upon each house a wintry blanket lies,

Metallic skies pass onwards leaving crystals in their wake,

And a corner eyelash catches there the very final flake.

Emma H, age 22, 15/01/13, age 22

An oldie but a goldie! Although Spring is in the air in the UK, I thought this would be an apt post in light of Storm Stella wreaking wintry havoc in the USA! I wrote this poem over 4 years ago after a heavy snow shower in Durham city centre – a rare moment of creativity for me back then! – but I’m still very happy with the outcome 🙂 All photos are my own and depict Durham with the snow still freshly fallen. In case you can’t tell – I love snow! 😀

2 thoughts on “Snow Globe

  1. Reblogged this on In Emma World and commented:

    I’ve been very quiet again recently on the blogging front, apologies! I hope to find a bit more time to get creative very soon.

    In the meantime, in honour of the wintry “snowmaggedon” hitting the UK, I think it’s the perfect time to repost “Snow Globe” for Throwback Thursday! Enjoy 🙂


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